JVA ZM1 Monitoring Unit

Enjoy 24/7 peace of mind that your property, land, or animals are being kept safe with the ZM1 monitoring unit. 

The ZM1 has been engineered to be coupled with any standard electric fence energizer below 36 joules to power and monitor an electric fence. This advanced model can control large energizers, making it an ideal choice for sizable agricultural, game, and border security fences. 

The electric fence fault finder provides excellent peace of mind. The unit works by monitoring the live feed line from the energizer to the fence. It determines whether the fence is working properly by measuring the power (voltage and current) flowing to the fence. 

The combination of the ZM1 and an energizer operates in the same way as a single JVA Z series energizer, with the exception that the pulse power level of the energizer cannot be modified. 

How It Works