JVA Z14, Z18 and Z28 Energizers

JVA’s Z range of one‐zone security energizers with LCD displays is our collection of premium, technologically-superior energizers. This range meets all possible requirements, from basic home security fencing to fully integrated high profile installations. 

These fence energizers have LCD displays that give instant access to out and return voltages, battery condition, and fence programming settings. The fence charger units are fully compatible with the optional Z range keypad, and when wired up to a keypad are fully programmable. 

The energizers can be networked with other Z‐Range energizers to synchronize pulses and become a multi‐zone group for larger sites where many zones are required. Control of your electric security fencing is in the palm of your hand via your computer or up to three keypads, or alternatively, you can use just one keypad to control up to 14 Z range energizers.

JVA Z28 Energizer

The JVA Z28 two‐zone security energizer with LCD display is the top model of this range and is ideal for installations where enhanced zone identification is required. The Z28 is capable of meeting every security requirement, from longer wall‐top fences to industrial and high profile installations. 

Security Energizers