JVA JMB Energizer and Monitor

Monitored electric security fencing reduces maintenance by reporting whenever there is a fault, allowing you to check the fence from wherever you are in the world.

The JMB series is the most powerful and feature-rich electric fence energizer JVA has manufactured to date. Producing up to an incredible 46 joules of stored energy, this JMB model is currently the world’s largest battery-powered energizer. This continues JVA’s push for technical superiority in the area of monitored electric fencing and IP Energizers®.

While JMB fence chargers were originally designed specifically for game parks and exclusion fencing, the robust, reliable, and advanced technology is also well suited to any large permanent high-security fencing application.

This JMB unit allows you to monitor, control, and program the energizer from your Wi-Fi enabled smart devices such as your phone, laptop, or tablet. The energizer can also be controlled and monitored with the wired JVA 4-line keypad that is supplied with the unit, for instant on-the-ground control of your entire perimeter security system.