Wireless Solutions

Wireless communication enables the transfer of information between two or more JVA high-security fencing devices without the need for hard wiring.

The flexibility of wireless communications within an electric fence system allows connectivity 1-25 miles and is an extremely cost-effective solution. The use of wireless repeaters and omnidirectional, 90, and 120-degree sector aerials enables you to create point-to-multipoint communications across your perimeter security system that will cover a wide variety of applications.

Wireless TCP/IP networks offer further benefits including the addition of IP devices such as IP cameras, which enable the user to view and monitor their shock security fence. Wireless connectivity also reduces the likelihood of lightning damage to the entire system, as the strike impact is isolated to the electronic equipment in the strike region only. This is because there is no physical cable conductor for the surge to pass through to reach the entire network.

JVA’s wireless transceivers operate on unlicensed frequencies of 2.4 and 5.8 GHz. Energizers are connected to a TCP/IP interface which is then connected to the wireless transceiver via cat 5 cable. This creates a wireless TCP/IP network that can be used to transfer voltage and alarm data to JVA’s perimeter patrol software located in a control room, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. This also enables remote monitoring of security electrified fence conditions from anywhere in the world.