JVA MB8, MB12 & MB16, Mains/Battery High Powered LCD Energizers

Our new MB8, MB12, and MB16 IP fence energizers are a superb solution for your new or existing electric security fencing setups for public, private, and agricultural applications.

This range of controllers offers 8, 12, and 16 joules of output energy respectively, making them suitable for fencing systems of any size. Each energizer has an inbuilt LCD display for easy on-the-ground monitoring of voltage and joules, and settings can also be controlled from anywhere in the world via our user-friendly smartphone app. 

Every model in this range includes an electric fence fault finder with an audible warning to immediately alert you of any serious faults on the fence. Auto-Sync technology provides unbeatable peace of mind that your fence systems are always safe and secure.

These universal or mains/battery-powered energizers give you the added option of running your high-security fencing system on 12V should you not always have 110V AC available.

Agricultural Energizer

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$2 Meter vs JVA Electric Fence Controller