JVA SV2, SV5 & SV10 Solar Range Energizers

JVA’s SV2, SV5, and SV10 solar power electric fence energizers offer excellent flexibility and portability, making them a fantastic choice for permanent and non-permanent high-security fencing solutions.

A reliable built-in rechargeable battery and integrated solar panel mean that the JVA solar energizers are totally portable, and there’s no need for extra batteries and hardware. Installation is quick and easy, and each unit is ready to go straight out of the box. Simply slide the energizer onto any Y-standard, attach the fence, and switch it on. 

Once activated, users can check voltage and joules at a glance via the inbuilt LCD display, for effortless peace of mind that the fenced area is safe and secure.

This range of solar panel electric fence chargers has been designed to suit a range of applications and area sizes. The SV10 energizer offers 1.0 joules output energy, the SV5 energizer has 0.5 joules output energy, and the SV2 energizer has 0.2 joules output energy per pulse. Not sure which model best suits your requirements? Our knowledgeable team is on hand to advise.

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