JVA VM2 Vibration Detection

The JVA VM2 is a perimeter intrusion detection system utilizing a microphonic cable suitable for all high-security fencing systems. The VM2 (PTE0342) is designed to monitor one or two zones of microphonic (acoustic) cable to enable the detection of an attempted breach of a perimeter. It does so by detecting noise and vibrations created by unauthorized access or vandalism.

The VM2, coupled with a correctly installed cable, creates a fully monitored and zoned intrusion detection electric security fencing system. The VM2 has an adjustable threshold and parameters that allow the installer to tune the system to differences between an intrusion attempt and normal environmental sound vibrations. The monitoring cables of this perimeter security system may be buried, attached to a fence, or placed inside a wall, roof, or floor to detect illegal activity.

The VM2 complements JVA’s range of security electric fence energizers and monitors.