Why Do Distributors & Installers Love JVA’s High-security Fence Systems?

In a word, profitability.

In today’s economy, revenue and efficiency are more important than ever, and those things are dependent on product reliability.

That’s the JVA way!

JVA delivers perimeter security products of exceptional value that are manufactured to meet international safety standards. Our entire range outclasses our competitors with high-tech features and user-friendly benefits at affordable prices.

Our customers love JVA!

We take the most advanced approach to security and transform it from a highly complicated suite of monitoring functions to a simple personal application dashboard that fits into the palm of your hand. Our innovative technology is no more difficult to use than a cell phone!

We know that for distributors, having a wide range of high-security fencing products on offer is a must. JVA’s distribution partners represent a full range of electric fencing, monitored fencing systems, and related products that span the market from residential and commercial to institutional and agricultural applications.

JVA is one of the go-to security fencing and monitoring companies for farmers, ranchers, property managers, facility managers, and home-owners. Our catalog of products is impressively comprehensive, and our in-house team of experts is on hand for customer queries, setup, and troubleshooting.

Become a Distribution Partner

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